RoHS Compliant Compounds  
Flame retardant Compounds - V0, V1, V2  
Filled Compounds - ( Glassfilled, Talck, Calcium Carbonate etc )  
UV Resistant Compounds  
Thermoplastic Elastomers ( TPE's )  
Colour Matching over a very wide range of shades  
Sophisticated Laboratory equipments for strict quality control  
Consistent quality.  
State of the art production facilities  
Polymer Blends & Alloys in engineering Plastic, Speciality Compounds & Tailor made Compounds.  
State of the art production facilities.  
High Quality performance Blends and Alloys tailored to meet your specific requirements.  
Consistency of supplies for smooth processing.  
Sophisticated R & D for stringent quality control.  
Flexibility to provide even small lots of tailored made products.  
Colour matching over a very wide range of shades.  
Strong after sales support and techical services.  
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