Synolac - Modified ABS  
Synonate - Modified PC  
Synlolate - Modified PBT  
Synofin - Modified PP  
Synsan - Modified SAN  
Synol - Modified POM  
Synlon - Modified Nylon 6 & 66  
Polymer Alloys & Blends  
Synolac - Modified PVC/ABS  
Synonate - Modified PC/ABS  
Synolate - Modified PC/PBT  
Synolate - Modified PC/PET  
Synofin - Modified PC/PO  
Synofin - Modified PP/EPDM  
  We provide a range of modified PC/PO Synofins, which are modified using flame retardant, UV, glass fibre, talc etc. Owing to the latest technology, these products are customized as per the specific needs of the clients. These are modified in accordance with various parameters such as melt flow, impact strength, density, flammability, tensile strength, tensile elongation and flexural strength, HDT & VSP etc  
  Modified PC/PO - Synofin  
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