Synolac - Modified ABS  
Synonate - Modified PC  
Synlolate - Modified PBT  
Synofin - Modified PP  
Synsan - Modified SAN  
Synol - Modified POM  
Synlon - Modified Nylon 6 & 66  
Polymer Alloys & Blends  
Synolac - Modified PVC/ABS  
Synonate - Modified PC/ABS  
Synolate - Modified PC/PBT  
Synolate - Modified PC/PET  
Synofin - Modified PC/PO  
Synofin - Modified PP/EPDM  
  We manufacture and supply a quality range of modified PC/PET synolate as per the specific requirements of the clients. These modified PC/PET polymers are made using flame retardant, UV, glass fiber etc. Our customized range of PC/PET polymers include:  
Modified PC/PBT FR V2 UV Natural & Colors  
Modified PC/PBT colors as per customer requirements  
    Modified PC/PBT - Synolate  
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